Removal or Manual Review’s Web Safety Checker tool highly rely on third-party data and algorithms to generate safety report.

This page allows website owners and businesses to appeal for their website’s safety report.

Who can request for Removal or Manual Review?

This request page is specifically for the domain listed on our Web Safety Checker Tool and doesn’t apply to the authors’ blog posts.

This process is not intended to remove content solely due to negative reviews. Negative content will only be addressed if it is evident that the material is unlawful. will not take action based on suspicions of unlawfulness. We will only intervene when it is unequivocally clear that the content violates applicable laws.

Who and how can requests be made?

Request can be submitted only by the individual directly affected by the unlawful content or their authorized representative, such as a legal advisor or operator.

For manual review and removal requests, please contact us using the form below.

Please provide the following details with proper evidence and concern with the safety report.

How much time does it take to process a request?

Upon receiving a request, will process it within 7 days.

If the content is unmistakably unlawful, we will take appropriate action. If not, the request may be rejected. You can object with valid claims. But unjustified arguments, threats or blackmail will be not tolerated.

What action we will take?

We believe in a safe environment for everyone.

On every request, we start a manual review and check for details provided in the request. We will make the required changes in the safety report.

If the request is not valid, then you can provide clear evidence in reply. Moreover, we hold the right to reject requests and not remove because it do not favour you.

Our objective is to follow utmost transparency and provide accurate information to safeguard our users from scams. As users trust our platform for unbiased reviews, enforcing us for the removal of negative reports is not acceptable.